Any woman would accept that our everyday beauty is emphasized by the prodigious nail polish! But when we don’t have to pick the right brand, our uncertainty rises up. Often we’re worried about the wellbeing of our labels, how long will the nail polish last or what colour? Lightweight colors, dual colors and other particulars are often important to our appearance. Listed below are the top nail polish brand


Colorbar U.S.A. is a well-known Indian brand. It has many cosmetic products which our young people cherish. It offers several colours, textures, and materials of nail polishing. It goes around for 1-2 years with surplus quality. For at least a fortnight, nail polish would not chip your nails.


The colors are beautiful, from shiny to chic hues. There are more. The Colorbar ‘Expert less than normal’ series, the two-part harmony Nail IT DIY Nail range and the Glitterati range are best-known.

Lakme is one of India’s most chic nail polish labels. This company has conquered everything from foundation to nail polish. Lakme also gives unmistakably the finest nail polish. You would enjoy their service with exclusive packaging, consumer confidence and peppy colours.


The consistency of polished nails is up to date and smooth. The nail polish is best highlighted with a base coating and a double coating. The only lines from Lakme are Crush and True Wear. The two are bright in color and nude in color.

Elle 18

If your outfit is based on your new polished nail, Elle 18’s Nail Pops would be the best thing for you. They are sold in small quantities and offer a range of colours. In addition, the rate is affordable and suitable for low budgets as well.

Elle 18 provides a vast variety of makeup treatment options, from lipsticks to lip sparks to their bright nail colours. In view of its reasonability and usability, it was and will remain one of the brands in India most sought after.

She provides a wide range of nail colours in 18 Nail Pops.


The multinational brand is Maybelline Newyork. A clear glass bottle that shifts your mood and matches your style is the main part of the Nagel Poli concept of this brand.

Maybelline Newyork single coat gives the nails a fully polished appearance. It’s strong enough to linger till 3-4 days at your nails.

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